“The Snapless Boat Top System”
U.S. Patent 7,143,717

The DUROTRAX system allows boaters to cover or remove a boat top easily and quickly, eliminating collapse or failure without the use of snaps, straps, cranks or bungee cords.

Innovative design with a positive attachment method eliminates any concerns during towing. Using a 360-degree attachment feature insures a secure hold and custom look.

Invisible because it uses a unique track in the watercraft’s rub rail. The top surface of the insert follows the contour of the rub rail, giving a seamless appearance. There are no unsightly obstructions on any part of the boat’s surface, unlike other attachments such as snaps or hooks.

Durable and strong enough to prevent collapse or failure caused by wind, rain or snow. The insert is constructed of hard PVC material, which has high impact resistance, securing the cover as well as and protecting the boat. This material is UV stable and has excellent protection from weathering. DUROTRAX lasts over time and under load.

Safe in design, since there are no modifications to the boat’s fiberglass hull. No screwing or drilling required; therefore, the boat’s surface is safe from cracking or chipping. The cover is secured on all sides in order to protect the boat’s contents.

Installation is a snap, simply tap the DUROTRAX insert into the rub rail around the watercraft.

The DUROTRAX system uses different types of attachments depending on the desired applications and features. The attachments are non-corroding nylon or PVC material and will not scratch or harm surfaces.

Light Rope Option is available in different colors and can be inserted in the rigid track around part or the entire perimeter. The colored light may be used for safety, a decorative accent, or flashing for emergency assistance.

 is convenient because rub rails and inserts are coiled. The Durotrax is easy to ship, install and replace.

The System is the Solution. Get on track.