“The Snapless Boat Top System”



The Clip may be placed at any location along the rub rail insert, giving a 360-degree attachment capability. This placement could be in front or behind tower openings or other cover access points. The Clip attachment method does not require a rope around the perimeter of the cover.

Low Profile shape of the Clip sewn underneath the cover’s hem gives a clean, invisible, wrinkle-free appearance.

Positioning is not as sensitive as a standard snap because the clip attaches along the rail accommodating any shrinking or stretching, which results in a clean, wrinkle-free, custom fitting cover.

Durability and high impact resistance, gives users confidence that the Clip will hold up under extreme conditions without worry of breakage.


  • Easy attachment and removal
  • Easy Placement
  • Non-abrasive
  • Reliable
  • Superior Protection

The System is the Solution
Two inherent snap problems are:
1) The possibility of the snaps pulling out of the cover or boat, tearing the cover or chipping the fiberglass on the boat hull.

2) The boat cover material may shrink or stretch over time. If the cover shrinks, the snap will not reach the connecting stud on the boat. The cover may stretch under load and when snapped, create a baggy or loose fit. This condition could allow water to puddle on top of the cover and result in leaking.